Bathroom Remodel Long Island

Looking to remodel an area in your home? The bathroom is probably the best place to start. But like all other home improvement projects, this isn’t one that you should attempt to take on all by yourself.

If you’re looking for the best bathroom remodeling Long Island can provide,
then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Andrino Contracting, we pride ourselves on the quality of work we do, as well as our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our biggest goal is to use all of our resources and our experience to deliver the highest-quality product available to you, our client. But before we get involved, there are a few steps you should take when it comes to thinking about bathroom remodeling.

First, you need to have an idea of what you want the finished product to look like. If you want to move the toilet and add a jacuzzi bathtub, then you need to have those goals defined so you can discuss it with our team. Of course we’ll help you determine what works best for your space, but in the end it’s still your space.

Next, you absolutely need to make sure that your finishes match. It’s one thing to have an idea of what you want the final product to look like, but take the initiative to discern what type of accessories like flushers, faucets, and shower door handles will complement the other elements of the room.

Finally, hire a contracting company you can trust. That’s where we come in. We believe in delivering the best possible products to our clients by closely following construction and contracting guidelines. If you need the best bathroom remodeling Long Island has to offer, we’re the team for you.