A Few Important Things to Consider Before a Bathroom Remodel

In a perfect world, remodeling wouldn’t be necessary and every room in your new home would look exactly the way you want it to. While that’s not the reality of it, there’s nobody stopping you from creating your dream home. And every dream home needs a dream bathroom.

But before you take a hammer to the floor tiles and rip out the toilet, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Here’s what you should keep in mind before you start in on a bathroom remodeling project.

Budget Requirements
Any major home remodeling project should begin with a budget. So before you pick up that really expensive bathtub, you should do a little bit of math to make sure it actually fits within your budget. The key here is to think “big picture” rather than in small pieces. Once you’ve calculated a total amount and subtracted labor costs, you can start filling in the little details.

How much storage do you need in your bathroom? One drawer? Ten? If the space in your bathroom isn’t big enough as it is, you need to start thinking about what kind of space you actually need before you go around tearing out walls. When looking at storage, consider drawers instead of cabinets. They’re easier to organize and often provide a sleeker finish than clumsy doors.

Shower or Tub?
This is one of the main features of a bathroom remodeling project, and it requires you to make a decision pretty early on. If it’s essential for you to have a bathtub, consider a tub/shower combo to save on space. Want a sleek, modern look? A tile shower with glass doors can help any bathroom enter the 21st century. In fact, glass shower enclosures are preferred by 79% of homeowners.

Before you get yourself into a DIY home improvement disaster, make sure you hire a contractor to complete your remodeling project. Not only will they prevent disaster from happening, they will know exactly how to give you the bathroom of your dreams. When it comes to bathrooms, the first rule of DIY is don’t.

So whether you want a new tub, a new sink, or a new bathroom entirely, don’t forget to consider these things before you start! And for all of your home remodeling needs, be sure to contact us at Andrino Contracting.