5 Simple Bathroom Remodeling Tricks That Will Make Your Small Bathroom Look Huge

bathroom remodelingRemodeling your bathroom can be a fun experience, only made much more stressful by having such a small space. It can be quite tricky to come up with the best bathroom remodeling designs if you are trying to work with an exceptionally small space, so follow these tips to add functionality and beauty to your bathroom.

Go against the grain
Don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and textures — just because it is a small space doesn’t mean you have to stick to neutrals! Go all out and pick rich designs and punchy colors, they’ll add some fun and dimension to your room.

Keep one color constant
If flashy wallpaper is not your style, pick one color and keep it constant throughout your bathroom. So if you want to focus on red, have a subdued color on the wall and then red accents all over the room. Think red hand towels, a soap dispenser, a floor rug, and/or maybe an accent painting or two.

Have built in storage
Use your bathroom remodeling to your advantage and incorporate hidden storage in all the fixtures. This includes built-in floor length cabinets, sink fixtures with shelving below, or even a shower wall with built-in shelves. You won’t have to worry about finding places for your towels, cleaning supplies, or toiletries this way.

Use glass and mirrors as an illusion
Having an all glass door will give the illusion that your bathroom is bigger than it is. This also works with mirrors, and the bigger the better! Pro tip: if you place a mirror across from your vanity’s mirror, your room will easily look double the size.

Keep the clutter off countertops
Clutter just makes a small bathroom look messy, so try and store everything you can under the sink. But, if you absolutely have to keep miscellaneous objects, such as your toothbrushes, cotton balls, and q-tips, in clear glass containers to look a bit more upscale.

Home improvement can be fun, no matter the size of your bathroom! According to a Houzz survey, 60% of homeowners said they plan to remodel their master bathroom,
so follow the trends and use these tips today!